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Merging Business, Data & Systems

Bringing a practical, analytical approach for delivering business-focused results through understanding your business, turning your data into valuable information and implementing appropriate tools & systems.

Good decisions come from good data.

Delivering the information you need, in a clear and concise way is crucial to achieving your business objectives. Your processes, tools and data all need to work together to reflect the most accurate picture of your business as possible.

I bring many years of experience understanding processes and designing best-fit solutions to meet changing business and user requirements. I have a broad perspective on what works and what doesn't.

Key Skills

Known for business & data analytical skills, in addition to SQL expertise and application design.

  • Big Picture & Detailed Focused

    Able to both conceptualize the big picture and dig deep into the details, and bring the two together.

  • Problem Solving & Analytical

    Experienced at turning complex concepts, processes and data into something understandable for both technical and business audiences.

  • Organized & Methodical

    Experienced in design, data modelling, documentation, release management and change management.

  • User Focused

    Design solutions meeting business requirements while considering on-going sustainability and expandability.

  • Nimble & Adaptable

    Self-starter accomplishing results quickly in new environments and technologies in addition to rapidly changing requirements.

  • Team Player

    Recognized for ability to act as a bridge between business and technical disciplines to reach common understandings.

Domain Knowledge

Assignments in both head office and field office environments have given me a depth of experience in the energy sector as well as functional areas that span all industries.



Human Resources





Production Accounting

Regulatory Reporting

Gas Marketing



Technical Skills

My skill set encompasses tools for data analysis, data extraction, user interface design, software development, release management, version control and system management.

Google Analytics

Google Data Studio

Power BI

Google Tag Manager

Oracle, SSMS, MS Access

SQL, Oracle PL/SQL

Excel VBA


Git, Tortoise SVN, VSS

ERwin, Happy Fish


Structured Data

Software Development Life Cycle

ITIL Principles


Contact Me

Please reach out with your situation and the results you're looking to achieve so we can discuss options for you to move forward.

Bonnie Duckett - Business System Data Analyst - TriSphere Consulting Inc

Bonnie Duckett

Principal, Consultant
I'm a high-performing results-driven Business Systems & Data Analyst known for my practical approach to delivering business-focused solutions. I bring a unique blend of perspectives from prior experiences as an business end user and software developer.
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